Procedures for business registration of a limited liability company in Vietnam

Procedures for business registration of a limited liability company in Vietnam. Do you want to do business registration procedures for a limited liability company but still face difficulties and take a long time in terms of paperwork, registration procedures? The following article will help you answer all of the above difficulties.

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Limited liability company is a type of legal entity built and established by an organization or individual with a maximum number of not more than 50 people. There are two types of limited liability companies: limited liability companies with two or more members and limited liability companies owned by an individual or organization. 

Documents required when establishing a limited liability company

A liability company registration procedure is an administrative procedure performed at the Department of Planning and Investment when you want to establish a business or change business activities. For both types of limited liability companies, the application for the establishment of a limited liability company is required:

– Business registration form;

– Company regulation;

– List of members (for limited liability companies with 2 or more members);

– A valid copy of ID card / Passport of the individual contributing capital, the legal representative (of the company to be established);

– For members being an organization, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

+ A valid copy of ID card/ Passport of the legal representative of the organization.

+ A valid copy of the establishment decision, business registration certificate, and other equivalent documents.

+ A document appointing an authorized representative; Valid copy of ID card/ Passport of the authorized representative of the member being the organization.

– Power of attorney for the applicant (if not the legal representative to submit the application);

– A valid copy of the ID card/ valid passport of the member, the legal representative and the person authorized to submit the application.

The procedure for setting up a limited liability company consists of 6 steps:

6 steps for setting up a limited liability company in Vietnam

Step 1: Prepare the company incorporation documents

Members need to prepare company establishment information such as company name, address, contributed capital, members … and identification documents such as identity card, passport or identity card (certified copy).

Step 2: Submit the application for company establishment at the Business Registration Office of the Provincial Department of Planning and Investment.

There are two ways to register:
– Apply directly at the application reception department of the Department of Planning and Investment of the province or city
– Apply online (online) through the online portal (national business portal)

Step 3: The registry examines, considers the validity and processes the application file for the establishment of a limited liability company.

In case the application is not valid, the Business Registration Office shall clearly notify in writing the contents to be amended or supplemented to the enterprise founder within five working days from the date of receipt of the application.
For the online application form, after submitting the application, the specialist will check the application and if the application is complete and valid, the candidate will bring the hard copy to the 1-door room to compare and receive. result.

Step 4: Receive Certificate of Business Registration

After the application is accepted, the member or authorized person submits the application to the Department of Planning and Investment to receive the Certificate of registration of the limited company.

Step 5: Make the seal

Engrave the company seal and upload the limited company seal sample on the portal. After completing the seal engraving, the enterprise can use the seal without notice.

Step 6: Post the announcement of establishment of a limited company on the national portal

In addition to performing the above 06 steps, you will need to do a few more things for the business to go into business such as: Buy and use digital signatures for tax declaration, use of electronic invoices and invoice issuance notices, declaration and payment of license tax for businesses…
In conclusion, business registration procedures for limited liability companies are not difficult, but if you don’t understand and don’t understand the procedural issues, the application will cause many difficulties and slow down the business registration process of the business.

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