Patent registration in Vietnam – updated 2021

PATENT/ UTILITY SOLUTION REGISTRATION IN VIETNAM Invention means a technical solution in the form of a product or a process which is intended to solve a problem by application of laws of nature. Patent shall be eligible for protection in the form of the grant of a Patent for Invention/ Utility Solution.

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The Invention Patent is protected for 20 years and the Utility Solution Patent is protected for 10 years (cannot be extended).

Patent Registration In Vietnam Anslaw
Patent registration in Vietnam – updated 2021

General conditions for Patent registration in Vietnam – updated 2021

In order to be protected, this technical solution must be new, innovative and can be mass produced / applied (industrial application).

  Novelty Inventive Step Applicable industrial Step
Patent × × ×
Utility solution ×   ×

Time frame for patent registration in Vietnam

+ Formality examination: 1-2 months.

+ Publication of the application: 18 months.

+ Substantive examination: 19 months.

+ Granting Patents: 1-2 months.

Note: Applicants may request early publication, whereby the application publication time is shortened to 2 months.

Required documents for registration of invention or utility solutions

  • A description of the technical solution (Email: or Skype:trademarkattorneys for a sample description).
  • Photos, pictures of technical solutions (if any).
  • Owner / application owner information.
  • Documents proving the right to apply (if any).
  • Documents claiming for priority right (if any).

Differences of ABB Law

  • ABB Law has submitted over 140+ inventions and utility solutions on behalf of customers in Vietnam.
  • In addition to a team of law-savvy lawyers, ABB Law has a team of experts, technically savvy professionals, graduates of Polytechnic Universities, University of Transport, and Technical Academy.
  • Package costs and one-time collection, always notice to the Customer first.
  • Free Customer Support to change the form of registration from invention to utility solution.
  • Free Customer Support for writing and completing patent description.


  • Patent of invention / utility solution
  • The invention patent is valid for 20 years (annual maintenance fee paid) – cannot be renewed.
  • The utility solution patent is valid for 10 years (annual maintenance fee payment) – cannot be renewed.

#Cost registration fee, utility solution

The government cost of patent registration is only from 200$.

The fees are depending on the complication of the solution, the number of independent protection claims, the number of images …

Please contact ABB Law for an accurate price list.
Wechat: vietnamlawyer
Skype: trademarkattorneys

How much does it cost for patent in Vietnam ?

The cost is depended on the number of independent claim, the page of patent description, figure….
Normally, it about 275 USD/ patent.

Is Vietnam member of PCT ?

Vietnam is a member of PCT treaty, Paris convention as well as.

How long does it take from filing to granting a patent in Vietnam ?

It often takes 36 months from filing to granting a patent registration in Vietnam.
The applicant could file a request of early publish. Therefor he can decrease 18 months.

What are required documents ?

– The information of Applicant
– The information of inventor.
– The patent description.
– The claims.
– Figures (If any).
– Document for priority Claim.
– International search report (If it is a PCT patent).
– The power of Attorney.

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