Vietnam is an open market economy with a leading growth rate in the region, along with a transparent legal corridor with many incentives for investment, lax conditions for many businesses, and an educated workforce with low cost is increasingly attracting foreign investment.
In the process of investment and doing business in Vietnam, it is guaranteed that many problems concerning legal, taxation, incentive policies… will occur. With a team of local lawyers that is well-versed in many languages and possessing expertise, experience in handling complicated problems, we are committed to being able to guide and support our clients through future legal problems in Vietnam so that their businesses can develop sustainably and safely.

Why should you invest in Viet Nam??

4 Reasons For Investing In Vietnam

1. Preferential and transparent legal corridor.

    • Vietnam’s legal system is complete and similar to the regulations of other countries in the region.
    • Especially in 2021, Vietnam’s Investment Law and Business Law were passed. These are two Laws that directly stipulate investment and business activities in Vietnam. With these two amendments, the business registration process is simplified, business conditions are lax.
    • Vietnam has removed administrative approval for certain types of investment projects thereby making it simpler and easier to invest in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government also added many incentives related to taxation and land rental for foreign investors in Vietnam.

2. Vietnam is a member of many trade agreements

  • Vietnam became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on January 11, 2007.
  • Vietnam participates in many important trade agreements such as: CPTPP; EVFTA; AFTA; VJEPA; VKFTA; AKFTA; VN – EAEU FTA…. Accordingly, Vietnam will open its borders to many businesses, creating a strong driving force for the comprehensive cooperative partnership between Vietnam and other member countries.
  • Vietnam is actively negotiating to become a member of other trade agreements, thereby making Vietnam an enticing destination.

3. High skilled labor and low cost labor

  • Vietnam is a country with a young population, a literacy rate of over 90%, and Vietnamese people’s characteristics are diligence, hard working and have good work ethic.
  • Vietnamese people are increasingly invested in education and skills training, equipped with a high level of education, able to meet high-skilled positions such as manufacturing. machinery, IT, financial investment.
  • Worker costs and wages in Vietnam are much lower than in emerging economies such as China and India.

4. Open market economy and impressive growth.

  • Vietnam’s economy is an open market one, the Vietnamese government encourages foreign investors and always creates a non-discriminatory mechanism regarding the nationality of the business in the Vietnamese territory.
  • Since 2015, the average economic growth rate of Vietnam is 38% per year, which is considered to be the leading in Southeast Asia alongside with Indonesia.
  • In 2021, Vietnam was among the top 20 countries attracting the world’s largest FDI inflows (According to the World Investment Report 2021 of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 2021).
  • In 2021, the Total foreign direct investment capital in Vietnam reached 31.1 billion USD.
  • According to the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, nearly 80% of foreign businesses have rated very positively or positively about the medium and the long-term prospects when investing in Vietnam.


We are functionally ready to provide the following services:

  • Consulting and determining on the types of investment for foreign investors in Vietnam.
  • Establishing a company with 100% foreign capital in Vietnam.
  • Establishing a joint venture company in Vietnam.
  • Establishing a representative office in Vietnam.
  • Buying and selling shares of Vietnamese companies.
  • Merger and Acquisiton (M&A) in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on tax policy, tax incentives.
  • Consulting on business and commercial regulations related to business activities.
  • Drafting labor contracts.
  • Drafting commercial contracts, franchising, production and distribution.
  • Dispute resolution in the process of doing business.
  • Recovering public debt(s) in Vietnam.
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