Copyright Related Right In Vietnam

Rights related to copyright

Referring to copyright in literary and design works, people always refer to related rights associated with or exactly the right related to copyright. According to Clause 3 of the Intellectual Property Law: “Rights related to copyright
Non Use Cancellation Trademark In Vietnam

How to use non-use cancellation in Vietnam ?

According to the Vietnamese Intellectual Property Law (“Vietnamese IP Law”), if a trademark is in non-use status for five consecutive year or longer after its registration date, the trademark shall be susceptible to non-use

What Is The Expiration Period Of Trademark In Vietnam

Trademark plays an essential role in the overall intellectual property rights of a business. A trademark is not only to identify goods or services of a business with specific quality, origin and usefulness, but also to prevent unauthorized use of
5 Required Documents For Design Registration In China

Industrial design registration in China

Industrial design registration in China. This article will introduce about Required documents of filing an industrial design application in China, General Design application Procedure, The fees of registering industrial design in China. 5
Who Can File Patent Application In Vietnam

Who can file patent application in Vietnam?

Who can file patent application in Vietnam? A company, which do not have address in Vietnam can file a patent application by themselves ? All individuals and legal entities have right to apply patent registration application to competent authority

Required document for patent registration in Vietnam

Required documents for patent registration in Vietnam include: The patent description (02 copies); The power of attorney when submits the application through an industrial representative (01 copy); The priority document (01 copy) Each of the above
Trademark Registration Process In Taiwan

Trademark in Taiwan updated 2021

Trademark in Taiwan. Taiwan is not only known for a natural beauty, but also known as a “Asian dragon” with a developed economy in Asia. In addition to the strong development of occupations mainly based on rich natural resources such as